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Crafting the Finest Gins and Liqueurs in Cairns

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Paradise awaits from where it feels like Summer year-round! Our gins and liqueurs are infused with luscious North Queensland tropical fruits and rainforest botanicals that make them entirely unique in the world.

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Wolf Lane Distillery, a splash of paradise

Welcome to our to azure-blue Coral-Sea-scapes and laidback tropics-lifestyle of Cairns, the colourful heart of the northernmost tip of Australia’s Sunshine State of Queensland. 

We’re at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, where butterflies are as big as birds, and cocktail hour kicks in early on sun-drenched afternoons that give way to blissfully long twilights and balmy nights.

Here’s cheers to gins and liqueurs that are quintessentially Cairns in character, infused with tropical fruits from surrounding plantations and a bounty of exotic native botanicals foraged from the Daintree Rainforest, the 180 million-years-ancient, living wonder in our backyard.

Cocktail inspiration

We love that every day in Far North Queensland is like one long island vacation and this Wolf Pack’s passion is giving you a taste of just how good that feels. For cocktail inspiration, count on us!

Davidson Plum Sour cocktail-wolf lane distillery

Davidson Plum Sour

Life's is a peach cocktail-wolf lane distillery

Life's a Peach

Espresso Martini Wolf Lane Cocktail

Espresso Martini

Blackberry Buck

As a premier liqueur and gin distillery in Cairns, we are more than just a place to buy liquor; we are a hub of creativity and passion, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional distillation to bring you extraordinary Australian experiences.

As a 100% Australian gin distillery, get to explore our masterfully crafted range of gins, each infused with unique botanicals and flavours that celebrate the essence of. As a celebrated liqueur distillery, we also offer an array of captivating coffee liqueurs, each with its rich taste profile and story.

Shop through our website today and get our one-of-a-kind offerings online with secure payment methods and fast, Australia-wide shipping. Your adventure awaits at Wolf Lane Distillery, where every sip is an exploration of Australia's finest flavours.


What categories of spirits and beverages are featured on Wolf Lane Distillery's website, providing a comprehensive overview of their offerings?

Wolf Lane Distillery offers a diverse range of spirits and beverages. As a leading gin distillery in Cairns, our offerings include a variety of gins, such as Tropical Gin, Navy Strength Gin and Davidson Plum Gin. We also offer coffee liqueurs, including The Barista Coffee Liqueur and Annee's Vietnamese Coffee Liqueur.

Not into hard liquor? We also offer aperitifs, ready-to-drink beverages, products made from gin like gin seltzers and various gift packs and bundles.

Are there exclusive releases or limited editions highlighted on Wolf Lane Distillery's website, and how can enthusiasts stay informed about upcoming offerings?

On our website, you’ll find exclusive releases and limited editions, such as the beloved Christmas Pudding Gin. Enthusiasts looking to buy ahead while stocks last can stay informed about upcoming offerings by signing up for updates or following our social media channels.

Is there an online shop or ordering platform on Wolf Lane Distillery's website, that allows customers to conveniently purchase their favourite spirits and beverages?

Wolf Lane Distillery is an Australian gin distillery that infuses age-old practices with modern innovations and native botanicals to produce truly unique and flavourful tipples. To ensure everyone has a chance to taste the difference of our offerings, our website features an online shop where customers can conveniently purchase their favourite spirits and beverages.

This easy-to-navigate platform allows for a seamless shopping experience, with a variety of secure payment methods that include all major credit/debit providers and free Australia-wide shipping on orders over $100.


Taste the spirit of Australia’s tropical Far North

It all started in 2019, with the idea of crafting the perfect Tropical Gin made in Australia. Then, a Tropical Gin collection began and Wolf Lane Distillery's signature is now a wildly exotic take on gins that are steeped and vapour-infused with the ripe fruit and rainforest flavours of a tropical Queensland Summer.

Visit our Cellar Door in Cairns, to taste our products and learn about what we love! In our tropical gins, you’ll taste flaming sunsets over sapphire seas in sun-ripened local mangos, so plump with sticky sweetness they drop from the trees. 

Deep dive into dense rainforest canopy with tangy bursts of native finger lime caviar, tart wild-growing Davidson Plum, the woody notes of cinnamon-scented Pepper Berries.

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