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Tropical Gins made in Australia

Bringing the exotic flavours of Far North Queensland to your glass


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Wolf Lane Distillery - Tropical GinWolf Lane Distillery - Tropical Gin
VOL / 500ml
Tropical Gin Sale priceFrom $69.00
Wolf Lane Distillery - Navy Strength GinWolf Lane Distillery - Navy Strength Gin
VOL / 700ml
Navy Strength Gin Sale priceFrom $79.00
Davidson Plum GinDavidson Plum Gin
VOL / 700ml
Davidson Plum Gin Sale priceFrom $79.00
Christmas Pudding Gin - Limited EditionChristmas Pudding Gin - Limited Edition

Embark on a Tropical Gin Journey with Wolf Lane Distillery! Dive into the exotic flavours of Far North Queensland with our handcrafted tropical gins, where each sip is a celebration of local botanicals and artisanal passion.

Our gins are not just drinks but multi-award-winning symbols of Australian craftsmanship. Enhance your mixology skills with our range of gin recipes, perfect for any occasion. As you indulge, take pride in supporting local FNQ farmers with every sustainable, flavour-packed bottle of tropical gin. And with free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $100, shop our one-of-a-kind offerings from the comfort of your home.

Transform your gin experience today and add a tropical twist to your next gathering. Explore our range of tropical gin, and discover the true spirit of the tropics.


What botanicals and flavour profiles are featured in Wolf Lane Distillery's gin collection, and how do they contribute to a distinctive taste experience?

Wolf Lane Distillery's gin collection features an array of local botanicals that contribute to distinctive taste experiences. Infused with more than ten botanicals, ranging from mango, grapefruit, juniper and cardamom to native lemon myrtle and pepper-berry, our tropical gin drinks are carefully crafted to capture the essence of the tropics in each sip, offering tantalising flavours and aromas that reflect the vibrancy of Far North Queensland.

Are there different types or categories of gin available in Wolf Lane Distillery's collection, catering to various preferences and cocktail pairings?

Wolf Lane Distillery offers a variety of gins catering to different preferences and cocktail pairings. Their collection includes Tropical Gin, Navy Strength Gin, Davidson Plum Gin and a limited edition Christmas Pudding Gin. Each of these gins likely has its unique flavour profile and strength, suitable for different types of gin enthusiasts and mixology needs.

We also offer a variety of other products that can take your drinking experience from great to fantastic. From coffee liqueurs and aperitifs to ready-to-drink bottled cocktails, find the option that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Can Wolf Lane Distillery's gin be purchased individually or as part of curated sets, providing flexibility for both enthusiasts and gift options?

With Gin Twin Packs, Gin Survival Packs and the iconic Wolf Pack, customers have the flexibility to purchase gin either as part of a curated set or individually. This approach allows both enthusiasts to sample the differences in our line of tropical gin drinks.


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