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Wolf Lane Distillery - The Barista Coffee LiqueurWolf Lane Distillery - The Barista Coffee Liqueur
VOL / 700ml
Annee's Vietnamese Coffee LiqueurAnnee's Vietnamese Coffee Liqueur

Unleash the richness of coffee with Wolf Lane Distillery's exquisite coffee liqueurs! Delight in the fusion of local flavours and Far North Queensland's best coffee blends with our artisan range, made with sustainably grown coffee and vanilla sourced directly from the heart of the Queensland rainforest and tablelands.

As a testament to our commitment to quality, our 100% Australian coffee liqueurs have earned acclaim for their exceptional craftsmanship. And, for added convenience, we offer free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $100. Whether enjoyed neat, in a cocktail or as a dessert enhancement, our coffee liqueurs are sure to awaken your senses and bring a touch of artisanal luxury to any occasion. Buy your coffee liqueur, gin, garnishes and everything you need for your bar cart today with Wolf Lane Distillery today.


What coffee varieties or blends are infused into Wolf Lane Distillery's coffee liqueurs, and how does this contribute to a rich and flavourful profile?

Wolf Lane Distillery has crafted 'The Barista Coffee Liqueur' and 'Annee's Vietnamese Coffee Liqueur.' We have embarked on a journey through Far North Queensland to find local and sustainable vanilla and coffee growers, resulting in a rich and flavorful profile that captures the essence of the best coffee beans of the Asia-Pacific region and is complemented by the earthy notes of Australian native botanicals.

How is the sweetness level balanced in Wolf Lane Distillery's coffee liqueurs, ensuring a harmonious blend without overpowering the coffee notes?

The artisanal approach and the emphasis on crafting a rich and complex taste ensure the sweetness is carefully calibrated to complement the coffee notes without overpowering them. This balance is crucial in ensuring a harmonious blend that highlights the coffee's richness and depth.

Are there unique production methods or techniques employed in crafting Wolf Lane Distillery's coffee liqueurs, setting them apart in terms of quality and innovation?

Wolf Lane Distillery's approach to crafting coffee liqueurs involves teaming up with local coffee growers and using sustainable ingredients. Our collaboration with Annee's Caphê Sua Da for the Vietnamese Coffee Liqueur and the use of local vanilla and coffee for The Barista Coffee Liqueur is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. This sets our products apart, allowing you to buy coffee liqueur in Australia unlike any other in terms of grade and distinctiveness.


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