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Torn between Tropical Gin and Navy Strength Gin?

tropical vs navy strength


We often get asked which gin to choose. We’re here to help! All our Gins are delicious and crafted with fresh botanicals from North Queensland. These include mango, mint, finger lime, ruby grapefruit… Then, what are the differences? Which one to pick? 


1.  What are the differences between tropical and navy strength gins?

Both our Tropical and Navy Strength Gins feature the same North Queensland-native botanical blend: juniper, finger lime, mint, ruby grapefruit, mango, lemon myrtle, coriander, angelica, lavender… That means you won’t find the difference in the ingredients’ list, which is a well-guarded secret by the way.

The main feature of this gin is its alcohol percentage, 13% higher in our Navy Strength Gin, which makes a big difference! The most interesting fact about it is the History behind this name. It is called Navy Strength because it used to be stored in wooden barrels together with the gunpowder below deck in the Royal British Navy in the 17th century. In case of any leakage, the powder would soak and be wasted, unless it contained more than 57.15% of alcohol.

2. What are some good cocktails to make with each of these gins?

The tasting notes will differ in their use. Do you make cocktails? Which ones? How strong do you like your drinks? At Wolf Lane Distillery, we have our twists and tricks to bring out the best flavours in cocktails. Using the right gin will definitely help your flavours shine through.

tropical gin

If you wanted to make Spritzes, Bellinis and anything light and tropical, the perfect gin would be our Tropical Gin. Because of its subtle tasting notes, it is a very versatile spirit that can be added to many cocktails. We often call it universal as every gin lover and gin novice can enjoy it. 

Our Tropical Gin  is the first gin we crafted, and one of the most popular.

Discover our favourite  gin cocktail recipes with Tropical Gin.


navy strength gin dirty martini

On the other hand, if you wanted to make more traditional cocktails such as a Dirty Martini or a Bloody Mary, the ideal gin would be the Navy Strength. We crafted our Navy Strength Gin  for cocktail lovers. Its higher percentage of alcohol keeps the gin notes pronounced, even among all the cocktail’s flavours. That’s why we recommend this gin for making cocktails bold, strong and flavourful. 

If you need more inspiration for your cocktails with Navy Strength Gin, check out our cocktail recipes.

3. Which one should you get for your home bar? And why?

Among the mouth-watering cocktails mentioned above, which ones are you the most drawn to? 

If you are more into fruity and floral cocktails, you might go for the Tropical Gin, and if you are more attracted to spirit-forward drinks, you would enjoy sipping on our Navy Strength Gin.

It might all come down to what type of Gin drinker you are, or what mood you are in! Everyone likes a stronger drink from time to time. 

Are you a novice Gin drinker? Then, we recommend you to start with our Tropical Gin. If you are more experienced and looking for stronger botanical notes, we recommend you try our Navy Strength Gin.

Many like to alternate both and that’s why we offer a Gin Twin Pack  with both gins.

You might as well be a G&T drinker and enjoy simple things, even like a gin on the rocks. In that case, you will figure out yourself which one you prefer, once you try both. We are often hosting tastings in bottle shops around Queensland and we are present in almost every Gin festivals in Australia and New Zealand. More and more bars around the country stock our products, so think about us next time you order your G&T at the bar. 

In addition, if you stop by Cairns in your next tropical adventure, make sure you visit our Cellar Door  and have a sip. 

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