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Our Navy Strength won the Gin Guide Award 2023!

Our Navy Strength won the Gin Guide Award 2023!
This year makes us proud! Wolf Lane Distillery’s gins are getting more and more recognised among Industry professionals as well as among the public.


1. Wolf Lane Distillery in the Hottest 100

This year, our rankings in the Covent Gardens competition ‘’Hottest 100 AUSSIE GINS of 2022’’ made us proud and thankful! 

Thank you to all of those who have voted for our Gins!

After collecting more than 10,000 of votes over 8 weeks from all over across Australia, you have elected our Gins as follows:

 Our Gins 2022 2023
Topical Gin 7 2
Davidson Plum Gin 8 7
Navy Strength Gin 18 12
Christmas Gin 62 26


Congratulations to all other gins that made it to the Top 100, especially the homegrown gins currently made in Australia where more than 1000 distilleries entered the competition.

Let’s keep sharing the love for Gin and Australia’s native botanicals!

Hottest 100 Gins


2. Our Tropical Gins make it to the final in the Gin Guide Awards!

This year, our Tropical and Navy Strength Gins made it to the final in the Gin Guide Awards

The Gin Guide Award is an important industry recognition for every Distillery. It ranks all entrants worldwide in different categories. 

Every year, the Gin Guide organises comprehensive blind tastings by panels of industry-leading judges.

Our Navy Strength Gin is a winner in the category  High ABV & Navy Strength Gin - Over 53% ABV.

Navy Strength Gin - Award winner

Our Tropical Gin is a finalist in the category  Contemporary Gin - Over 42% ABV.

With hundreds of entries from over 35 countries in the Awards this year, our Gin was a winner! The Gin Guide Awards judges have selected our Navy Strength Gin in the High ABV category. We couldn’t be prouder as it was the only Australian Gin among all winners in this category.

These results reassure us in what we do and love doing. We will keep on crafting exceptional Gins and Spirits with North Queensland flavors. 

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