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Round Out Your Next Party With Wolf Lane Distillery's Perfect Beverages

Round Out Your Next Party With Wolf Lane Distillery's Perfect Beverages

Wolf Lane Distillery is based out of Cairns in North Queensland. This area is known as the connect point for access to the ancient rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. Local residents enjoy the laid back atmosphere and steamy weather. Wolf Lane’s home is located near the red brick pathway in Cairns. The distillery resides by a classic horse stable. In only a few years, the innovative team at Wolf Lane has helped the company become one of Australia’s top craft gin makers. The company prides itself on fulfilling the needs of all gin lovers. Wolf Lane products are crafted on site through Column Farrell, their custom still. Wolf Lane is proud to use local ingredients. North Queensland is home to mango, grapefruit, orange, and finger lime. The team steeps dry botanicals for a day before adding fresh ones in the copper gin basket. This creates an effect where the dry ones are naturally infused into the gin.
Tropical Gin has won multiple medals and is one of Wolf Lane’s top sellers. The Navy Strength is made with macadamia, and has also received high grades. Another popular product is the Wolf Lane Plum gin, which adds some tropical flavour to traditional sloe gin. All of Wolf Lane’s products are designed to honour the local area. Tropical North Queensland is home to a wide array of botanicals. Wolf Lane strives to support the local farmers who believe in sustainable farming. This ensures that Wolf Lane is using high-quality produce at all times. The distillery has a bar and cellar door. You are welcome to stop by and enjoy some cocktail mixes or attend a masterclass. Wolf Lane is unique because they successfully merge local tropical flavours with modern favourites.

Coffee Liqueur

Wolf Lane merges vanilla with local grown coffee to create smooth coffee liqueur. Wolfe Lane’s coffee liqueur is considered one of the World’s best. The liqueur is available on the website or through stopping by the distillery. Wolf Lane takes full advantage of the high demand for coffee in this part of Australia. Wolf Lane meets closely with the local vanilla and coffee growers to make sure that they are creating a high quality product. Many Wolf Lane users enjoy adding the liqueur to a martini or ice cream. Be sure to experiment and create some unique treats. If you’re interested in trying a new recipe, visit Wolf Lane’s social media channels for more information.

High Quality Seltzers

Wolf Lane offers high-quality wild berry seltzers. The team mixes tropical gin, mango, and soda to create an unforgettable flavour. You’ll taste the gin without any sugar. All the seltzers are vegan-friendly. These berry-infused beverages are a perfect fit for your next party.

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