Davidson Plum Negroni Spritz Recipe

Step into summer with a refreshing twist on a classic Italian aperitif — the Negroni Spritz, featuring our Davidson Plum Gin. This cocktail is a perfect fusion of bitter, sweet and effervescent notes, making it an ideal companion for poolside relaxation or sunny day lounging. 


  • 30ml of Davidson Plum Gin
  • 30ml of Campari
  • 30ml of Sweet Vermouth
  • Soda water, to top up


  • Slice of fresh orange


  • Hawthorne strainer
  • Bar spoon


  1. Begin by adding ice to a glass to chill.
  2. Pour 30ml of Davidson Plum Gin over the ice, adding a distinctive, fruity base.
  3. Add 30ml of Campari, introducing a bitter contrast that's essential to the Negroni's character.
  4. Include 30ml of Sweet Vermouth to balance the bitterness with its rich, herbal sweetness.
  5. Gently top up the glass with soda water, using a bar spoon to integrate the soda without diminishing the cocktail's layered complexity.
  6. Garnish with a slice of fresh orange, adding a citrusy aroma and a splash of colour.

Serve and enjoy this Negroni Spritz recipe, a modern take on a timeless classic, perfectly suited for sipping under the sun. We also urge you to expand your drink-making skills with our collection of other Davidson Plum Gin cocktail recipes, as well as other types of gins and cocktail recipes on our website.

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